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05_What Inspires Me?

From pouring over creative advice articles to self-help stories in an attempt to “Stay Creative”, it is plain to see how much the world around us impacts our ability to make connections, consolidate concepts and solve problems.

We only get out as much as we put in. And to surround ourselves with the richest sources of inspiration and experiences is a sure-fire way to ensure when the time comes to solve that problem, that you have some anecdote, experience, or realisation to help guide your path to a solution.

This has become even more prevalent throughout the pandemic as experiences and exposure were removed and stimulation of everyday life dulled. In the absence of real-life events, we attended them virtually, and although at times taxing, awkward, or a victim of bad connection there were great notable discussions that emerged.

International Assembly Homepage

The International Assembly formerly Graphic Design Festival Scotland, has held a series of fantastic talks in 2021, giving artists, designers, studios, and creatives a platform to share personal stories, influence experiences, and learnings with each other.

Speakers such as Jon Burgerman talked about the importance of creativity and allowing yourself to find creative solutions in everyday life. The importance of play and how much it can influence your creative outcomes. YONK studio made an appearance discussing their process and development into AR/VR technology as visual communication - even live sculpting in VR during the talk!


As well as conferences and discussions, I have tried to tap into where other creatives and industry professionals find inspiration. A senior creative in Ardmore recommended this podcast Behind the Billboard one day in work and I binged the first 8 episodes that night. It's been a great source of inspiration and creative focus around OOH advertising and what interesting communication can do for a brand.

Dan Dawson and Hugh Todd, both with an extensive history in the creative industries discuss the people, posters, and ideas that have changed the landscape of OOH advertising. Tuning in has been a great opportunity to hear in-depth insights into the creation of work from figures such as Dave Dye, Nils Leonard, and Andy Bird. It great to see the sense of humor a lot of creatives approach their work with, and to hear from practitioners who are deeply invested in their creative craft and the value their work brings to its audiences.


Other inspiration lies in anything from listening to comedy podcasts and science shows to gawking over wild experiential artwork and experiences such as those coming out of MeowWolf and Morag Myerscough.

Meow Wolf Experiential - San Francisco

Morag Myerscough Installation 2018


Aside from this, I came across this excellent view from Ethan Hawke by TedTalk. Ethan discusses the importance of giving yourself permission to be creative and tuning into the world around us. The act of self-expression and the power of creativity that we can all tap into. It’s a beautiful storytelling piece that left me feeling inspired and uplifted.

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